Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Telah menerima ini dari seorang reader..

Her note:

Dear Khairul,
I know u don’t like red.
But whatever it is, I think u’re nice in red.
So I bought you dis sweater.
I’m bored to see u in ‘dark’.
Hope u like it as much as u like ur colourful blog.

Icemanzwalking reader.
17th January 2010

Dear icemanzwalking reader,

I’m sure you are my follower since the existence of icemans9.
I’m happy to have readers like you, as the others really care about my special day.
Red is not my favorite color, as u knows.
But I like ‘your red’ as much as I like your confidence.
I am appreciate it so much!
Also, I hope you are enjoying your reading in my blog.
Thank you for following me.. =)

Your blogger,

p/s : Kadang-kadang menterima sesuatu secara misteri sebegini rupa macam seronok lah bukan?? Err... Boleh tahu siapa nama??? T___________T

Hye Facebookers!


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